Astrowright Spaceflight Consulting LLC currently offers the following research-oriented services. Please contact us for pricing, scheduling and additional details.

Variable-gravity Product Testing

With experience in NASA KC-135 “Microgravity University” experimentation design and multi-axis-centrifuge based high-g flight profiles, let Astrowright test your products for use in variable-gravity environments. Undergoing rigorous, comprehensive ergonomic engineering and/or logistical product evaluations under varying gravity conditions will identify areas of recommended further development to ensure that your product is ready for adoption by suborbital researchers, spaceflight participants, space tourists, and professional astronauts. Product promotion opportunities are also available upon request.

Charter Payload Specialists

Planning on lofting a scientific or technical payload requiring a human operator aboard a suborbital or orbital spacecraft? Instead of investing in the high-dollar, expendable training necessary to train your own personnel for the flight, allow Astrowright’s Charter Payload Specialists to perform this service at a fraction of the cost. With extensive cross-disciplinary scientific research experience, Astrowright’s Payload Specialists maintain FAA-certified state-of-the-art spaceflight training, including multi-axis centrifuge, high-altitude, gravity countermeasures, physical fitness, pressure breathing, and a range of other industry standard qualifications. Let Astrowright help you to ensure that your payload delivers a maximum return on your investment.


Astrowright is involved in a number of educational, vocational, and STEM outreach initiatives.  For more information and for regular updates, be sure to check our company blog and visit our sponsored site promoting the rich aerospace legacy of Nevada: NVSpace.

Frontier Science

From nuclear propulsion strategies to micro-satellite launching architectures, and from novel in-situ resource utilization technologies to the industrial archaeology of spaceflight capabilities, Astrowright is involved in a number of on-going research and development projects. Partnership and investment opportunities are available, and Astrowright is actively seeking partnerships to pursue future grant opportunities. Contact us for additional details or to discuss ways Astrowright can help you reach your spaceflight research goals.


Seeking a spaceflight service not listed here? Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll work with you to help you meet your spaceflight goals.