Astrowright Spaceflight Consulting LLC currently offers the following fitness services. Please contact us for pricing, scheduling and additional details.

Preflight Fitness

Whether a professional astronaut or an upcoming spaceflight participant, Astrowright’s pioneering preflight fitness program includes a custom, in-person or video-chat-based exercise regimen tailored to suit you, no matter your fitness level, age, or background. Astrowright's fitness training philosophy emphasizs a low-stability-point training approach to emphasize the stabilizer muscle groups used during high-g (launch, reentry) and low-g (parabolic freefall) portions of flight. Using combinations of cardio, strength, and vestibular exercises, we can help you to reduce the effects of Space Motion Sickness, minimize your recovery time from the forces of launch and reentry, and develop agility useful for microgravity movement and orientation – helping you to maximize your time in space.

Basic programs are offered in two-session, 12-session, and 24-session packages. For longer periods, for groups, or for organizations and agencies, the development of further-customized preflight fitness programs is available upon request.

For an informational brochure (PDF), click here.

For scientific research justifying the program (PDF abstract), click here.

Flight Readiness Status

For professionals or for the more credential-inclined, Astrowright also offers a certificate of Flight Readiness Status (FRS). Based on a series of industry-standard fitness benchmarks and proprietary assessment techniques, which may be performed from home, holding an Astrowright FRS certificate demonstrates your ability to physiologically withstand the rigors of space flight and maintain mental focus while doing so. In order to maintain a FRS certificate, Astrowright requires annual or semi-annual reassessments. A study guide is available upon request.

For a research abstract explaining the approach (PDF), click here.